Twitter & Instagram caption templates to Help Your Campaign Reach Its Goal

Twitter & Instagram caption templates

Twitter is a great way to share your fundraiser with your followers in 280 characters or less, especially if you have a large audience following you already! A good fundraising strategy can make a huge difference and set you up for success, this is why it’s important to learn how to fundraise on Twitter. Don’t you know what to say? These message templates will help you pass through the struggle.

Twitter example 1

Please support my #YuFundMe by donating and sharing my link: [insert link here]. Thank you so much for your support!

Twitter example 2

I’ve had my #YuFundMe for [insert how many days]… thank you so much for your support! Please help me reach my goal: [Insert link here][#hashtag]

Instagram caption template

Instagram is the perfect place to share your YuFundMe when you’re on the go. We’ve created a sample post so you feel confident that you know exactly what to say.

Instagram post example

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally started a @YuFundMe fundraiser to [insert reason here]. [Why this means so much to you]. [What you’re most excited for when you reach your goal]. Please support my YuFundMe by donating (even $7 helps) and sharing with your friends and family. Link is in my bio!

YuFundMe update templates

Updates are an important way to connect with your supporters throughout your YuFundMe, so be sure to post Updates often. If you’re not sure what to say, feel free to use either of our Update message templates below.  

Update example 1

Thank you to everyone who has shared my YuFundMe so far. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider donating $5 – $10 to get me closer to my goal. No donation is too small!

Update example 2

I’ve hit [insert percent of goal] of my goal in just [insert how many days] thanks to your support! Please continue to share my YuFundMe with your network to keep up the momentum.

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