Uganda Coronavirus Crisis

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£10,000.00 raised of £25,000.00 goal
Minimum amount is £10000 Maximum amount is £50000

Please help. Uganda is seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases everyday and we are putting up a contingency fund to help especially the vulnerable families in crisis. No money, no food, no safety and no ability to self-isolate or social-distance. This is the true front line of the Coronavirus.

We work with established charities and groups on ground to identify families in crisis.

We urgently need funds. We have already raised £5,000, but we can do much much more and the programme is expanding every day.  As the crisis has developed we are also helping those in cities like Kampala who want to go to their villages by organising bus transport.

Please help! A donation of £20 will support one family for three weeks. £100: 10 families. £1,000: fifty families. Funds will be withdrawn in the UK from where this campaign is managed and where our business has its HQ. Funds will then be used to pay for essential food, supplies or transport.

100% of funds are spent on food, supplies or transport for those in need. Our process is to identify at-risk groups, assess their situation and then put in place a food and supplies plan for each group. Supplies are procured direct from wholesalers and payment is made upon receipt of an invoice. We keep very detailed records of all transactions and of supplies used and will report this back to donors.