Supporting women farmers in the Northern and North East part of Ghana

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The founder of the Ramanetwork Enterprise Miss Rebecca Asante came to the realization that whiles building the capacity of these women farmers to create an income from their farm produce, they were facing the following challenges:
Market Accessibility : difficult to market their products. So Ramanetwork decided to assist in buying the processed organic goods from these women farmers and sell it to the open market.

Packaging: Packaging was another challenge the FBOs were facing. RamaNetwork repackages the processed products to meet the required standard and also attractive to the open market.

Pricing: Since the farmers could not package their products properly it affected the price of the products. In most villages, the buyers from the cities propose the price for the products. Mostly the sell it to them cheaper because they want it to move faster and also to get their daily bread without considering other factors like cost involved in the production of the goods. This make them run at a loss and always affect the next production.


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February, 2020

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