Southwark Young African Mentors Fund

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We have young leaders, mentors and visionaries in our communities, but we live in one of the most under resourced neighbourhoods in the country, according to 2014 poverty rates by London borough, Southwark has 31% of its population living in poverty. Nevertheless, this will not define our young people and we want your help to support and empower our young people so they can, in turn, continue inspiring those younger that needs mentoring and inspiration.

At a time when the country is talking about systemic racism, we need to step up and see that it is up to each of us to readdress imbalances to make sure our future generation has opportunities to flourish.

“You can never stop and as older people, we have to learn how to take leadership from the youth and I guess I would say that this is what I’m attempting to do right now.”

— Angela Davis


We started helping young people especially during this hard time, helping one another, reaching out to friends and identify those whose family are going through hard time to provide for their family.


We are setting up book clubs, poetry groups and finding new ways that young people can be empowered to better their environment even within these difficult times.


The youth are the future!

We hear this phrase so much that it has become overused and unfortunately lost its clout. In fact, they are the future, they are the leaders of tomorrow, and they are the parents and grandparents of generations to come. But what are we doing to prepare them?

Our youth have the power to create the change they want to see in Southwark. We want to:

  1. Encourage them to follow their passions.Involve scholars, professionals, and volunteers from the community to mentor them and guide them on how to plan, execute, and follow their passions the right way. Tell them that they won’t always have someone listening and that they need to fight sometimes for what they believe in. Not everyone is willing to listen and mentor, but this should never be the reason for them to quit. There will always be another person or another way to get it done.
  2. Share with them success storiesof youth who worked hard and fought to achieve the successes they have now. These powerful personal stories will motivate and encourage them to do better and counter any negative messages surrounding young people. Hold workshops and seminars with successful persons as speakers to share with them their personal journey to inspire them to do the same.
  3. Encourage them to start now. It’s never too early or too late to start developing good habits. Persistence and constant personal progression are the most important things when it comes to accomplishing goals combined with the guidance, mentoring, and opportunities.
  4. Show them that their opinions matterand what they have to say is important, engage them in decision-making, and give them the responsibility and the power to better the community, to pass the torch, so to speak.
  5. Treat them with humility. Remember they are just starting to learn to integrate into society in the larger sense, so give them confidence and always be patient. They need all the guidance and help they can get.

In order to achieve that, we need your donation, however small, it will count.