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When a girl is denied basic knowledge and confidence in her abilities, she is more vulnerable to poverty, hunger, violence, abuse, exploitation, forced and early marriages and HIV.

About 40% of the girls in Uganda have not been privileged to have a chance to basic education and skills, but married off before the age of 18.This is caused by a number of factors among which is the failure of single mothers to sustain them through school, or better still provide them with some skills due to lack of income.

It’s from this background that I looked back to my childhood days and remembered that my mother through a group of women would make hand crafts, bake, and knit items from which she would generate income, and subsidize on my school fees and requirements to enable me complete my studies.

This ignited my love for fabrics, needles and threads and in the confines of my home I started making quilts for sale whose proceeds would go to a girls fees in my home village.

2 years later in 2015 I realised the need to equip single mothers and girls with the same skills I had to enable them join hands with me to keep their daughters in school.


How it started

MK Home Creations was then started in my home compound where I would bring together single mothers and girls around my village to learn and make quilts, hand craft, sewing and knitting of items to generate proceeds for school fees and other basic requirements.

I believe giving a mother the ability and skills to generate income for her children is a more sustainable way of keeping a girl child in school. Therefore my aspirations are to reach out to more single mothers and have MK Home Creations become a fully-fledged training centre for girls and women.

MK Home Creations has also joined the sanitary pads campaign to improve school attendance among the rural girls through its initiative ‘’QUILT FOR PADS’’ where we ensure pad of the proceeds from the sale of quilts go to buy sanitary pads.


When you donate

By donating you can support the above initiatives and aspirations so that together we can reach out to more single mothers and vulnerable girls. These will go to providing more training equipment and materials like sewing machines, threads, needles, fabrics, quilt pattern books, drawing boards, training room, start-up capital for the 5 women per year and also organising the MK Home Creations Bazaar.



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