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The Promota Bluetooth transmitter is the next generation of engaging and stay in touch with especially passive customers. Bluetooth technology is how mobile phones, computers, tablets and personal digital assistants (PDAs), not to mention a broad selection of other devices, can be easily interconnected using a short-range wireless connection. Using this technology, users can have all mobile and fixed computer devices be totally coordinated.

The key features of our Bluetooth gadget are robustness, low power, and low cost. The Bluetooth specif Bluetooth Advertising is a new and innovative solution which any industry could utilise in order to advertise their business and get ahead of their competitors; it is a great way to increase brand awareness resulting in increased sales.

Bluetooth Advertising is a local wireless distribution facility within a proximity area, where information can be sent and received by potential customers mobile phones ‘free of charge’ unlike traditional advertising methods. This information can then be passed on, again ’free of charge’ and shared with the recipients friends and colleagues.

When using Proximity Marketing via Bluetooth it is possible to target potential customers within a local area and send out any type of file ranging from simple animated adverts, business cards and calendar events to more detailed video and sound files.


Bluetooth Campaigns
The key to Bluetooth Proximity Advertising is that your message is interesting and precise; this will encourage your recipients to forward the message on to their friends and colleagues via Bluetooth, Email or Text.

How it works?

Once your promotion or campaign has been entered Promota Bluetooth will then continually search the proximity for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones found to be in range and once a connection is established, an invitation is then sent to the mobile phone recipient inviting them to receive your information. The recipient can then simply choose to accept or decline the invitation and if declined the promotion will not be sent to the mobile phone.


What are the advantages of Bluetooth Marketing System?

  • Nearly everyone now has a mobile phone, with more than half of users owning a smartphone, whilst tablets and other connected devices are also common.
    This means that your customer almost certainly has a mobile device that is usually with them, always on and, more than any other medium, is unique and personal to them.
    This brings huge opportunities for high-quality one-to-one marketing and customer service – but also a huge responsibility to make sure that any marketing is truly relevant, beneficial and welcomed by your customer.
    For many people, checking their mobile is the first thing they do when they wake up. It is also the last thing they do at night – and dozens of times in between, throughout the day, often taking priority over any other activity or company.

Types of Content Supported via Bluetooth

  • Search the Bluetooth clients (mobiles e.g.) within (about 200 meters) automatically.
  • Establish link with Bluetooth clients (mobiles e.g.) and send files automatically.
  • Sending to seven Bluetooth clients simultaneously.
  • All formats are supported: text, image(jpg, gif, png, e.g.),mp3, mp4, 3gp, e.g.
  • As fast as 100kB/s, depends on the Bluetooth class of mobile and actual environment.
  • Transport distance: 30 meters (in radius) in open environment.
  • Non-stop searching, no duplicated sending.


Bluetooth Marketing Uses and Benefits
Bluetooth marketing is most impactful and successful when integrated into a cross-media programme for branding, product and/ or service offering. Brands and advertisers use proximity-based marketing to simultaneously target their customers and consumers. For example, a consumer may receive content via Bluetooth from a brand in the foyer of a movie theatre.

Similar to other marketing vehicles, Bluetooth has the capability to deliver the following marketing messages directly to the consumer’s personalized mobile device:

  • Promotional discounts
  • Music and games
  • Coupons
  • Information
  • Brand advertising
  • Entertainment (e.g. shows and movie times)

Retaining personal data

  • Bluetooth transmitters will keep a log of all of the interactions that take place with users handsets. The data logs are kept partly to ensure that users are not contacted on multiple occasions about the same content. These data-logs may contain date, time and result of the interaction with the phone such as downloads being completed or not, memory full, or user went away etc.
  • However, the data logs NEVER contain personal data, because there is no connection between the SIM card and Bluetooth chip. The transmitter will record that an interaction with a handset has taken place but NOT know which Operator network, mobile phone number, name, location etc.
  • There is no set period of how long this data is held, but it is worth noting that the data cannot be held and used to track a users’ whereabouts or activity.
  • To avoid doubt, you should seek advice regarding regulation in your own countries regarding the retention of data by Bluetooth devices.


Field Of Application:

As with any advertising programme, success is highly influenced by the placement of display media.  With Bluetooth marketing, the key to successful placement is to target the greatest population of mobile devices.  The following provides a variety of locations and venues for targeting wireless consumers:

  • Airports, Departure Hall
  • Embasies And High Commissions
  • Movie theatres
  • Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars
  • Music Concerts
  • Sports Arenas
  • Government events
  • Street campaigns
  • Shopping Malls
  • Retail Locations
  • Airports
  • Public Transit Shelters
  • University Campuses
  • Tradeshows
  • Billboards
  • Large Public Spaces
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