Mental health relief in Ugandan urban slums

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Over 800,000 lives are lost worldwide through suicides due to mental health related issues. This is not inevitable in the slums and areas where Uganda Youth Soccer Academy is involved given the poor state of the people in those areas. With this concern Uganda Youth Soccer Academy added mental health relief through sports activities mainly football to its projects as there was a need to revive the communities given the family negligence, violence, drug abuse and arising suicide treats in these areas.

Why mental health rejuvenation?

The mind is the soul governor and with this UYSA saw the need to help out give the needed therapy to these communities after seeing that without the rite mind, development and elevation out of the poor state these communities live in would be difficult.

Our Goal

Our goal as UYSA is to continue give mental health relief to these communities through building community health sport centers in these under privileged communities.

Funding Appeal

With this appeal, Uganda Youth Soccer Academy is requesting for funds to establish free mental health sport centers and therapy and elderly houses  in these less privileged areas where we have decided to put our effort revive these communities.

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Tracy Jones Akiror £100.00 January 11, 2021