Crowdfunding for Education

Educating the country, one fundraiser at a time!

Crowdfunding is an effective, quick, simple and, not to mention, economical way to raise funds for a cause.

Online crowdfunding for education is gaining more and more recognition, not only because it’s safe, easy and effective, but also because one can reach a much larger pool of people in far lesser time. Ketto offers a platform to crowdfund for education, not only to students and teachers in need of funds, but to anyone who wants to fundraise for education in the country and the world.

The education fundraising fundraisers one may start on YuFundMe are quite versatile. You can start a fundraiser for your own education or a friend’s education! Or perhaps, tie up with an NGO that’s main aim is improving the quality of learning in schools. Starting a fundraiser for education on YuFundMe gives the campaigner access to an enormous online community that is willing to help, especially towards a reason! as universal and pressing as refining the quality of education.

Whatever educational fundraiser you decide to start on YuFundMe, it will contribute to alleviating illiteracy and promoting learning in the country and the world. What are you waiting for?

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